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Discount on long-term stays

Trinity suites offers discounts for long term stays. The percentage of discount is variable depending on the duration of the stay.

Bangalore – The Garden City

Bangalore, which was popularly known as the Garden City and Pensioner's Paradise due to its large number of parks and quiet living, is today a large city and a growing metropolis. The city has been witness to a rapid growth in the last two decades and this growth has largely transformed the city's demography and cultural outlook.

Bangalore is known today for its robust information technology industry, thriving education sector, aerospace, defence, science and technology organizations and a large number of public sector industries. It's the country's leading IT exporter contributing around 35% of total IT exports. It is the second fastest growing city in India and was featured on Forbes magazine's list of "The Next Decades Fastest-Growing Cities."

Bangalore, which is the capital of Karnataka, is located in the south-eastern part of the State. The earliest reference to the name "Bengaluru" was found in a ninth century stone inscription. In this inscription, "Bengaluru" is referred to as a place in which a battle was fought in 890. It states that the place was part of the Ganga Kingdom until 1004 and was known as "Bengaval-uru" (meaning the City of Guards in Old Kannada).

Although Bangalore has been in existence for over a thousand years, the modern Bangalore was founded by Kempe Gowda I. He built a mud-brick fort and a Nandi Temple in the proximity of modern Bangalore in 1537. Kempe Gowda referred to the new town as his "Gandubhumi" (meaning of Land of Heroes). Kempe Gowda's successor, Kempe Gowda II, built four towers that marked Bangalore's boundary.

The Garden City


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Serviced Boutique Suites

Trinity Suites is called boutique serviced suites because it combines the best features of boutique hotels and serviced apartments. A boutique hotel contains luxury facilities of varying size in unique and intimate settings with full service accommodations. It is furnished in a themed and stylish manner. In a boutique hotel, services are offered in a comfortable, intimate and welcoming setting. Trinity Suites offers a unique experience to its guests by bringing together luxury service, serenity and homely setting in one of the most commercially vibrant areas of Bangalore.

MG Road, Bangalore

Mahatma Gandhi Road, popularly known as M. G. Road, is in the central business district of Bangalore. It is one of Bangalore's well known commercial hubs and a famous landmark. The road runs from Trinity Circle at one end to Mahatma Gandhi statue


Every room has

  • Telephone with a direct line
  • Internet with wi-fi as well
  • TV with satellite connection
  • Adjustable air-conditioning
  • 24 hour power back up facility
  • 24 hour hot water facility